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Will GB be my president?

Yesterday a friend of mine said to me “George Bush will be your president”, in a sort of ‘ha ha’ way.  That got me thinking.  Well, of course he won’t be my president and there are a whole lot of people in America who wish he wasn’t theirs either.  I am looking forward to finding out about what those people do, I mean here we talk about health waiting lists and things but how does it work over there where if you don’t have health insurance you don’t get a look in a hospital. Imagine doing a critical discourse analysis, there would be so much to say!

Imagine trying to make the political personal everyday, you would go nuts.  Let alone trying to make headway on political issues at a more important level.  All those water wasting baths I could be having with our pre-paid hotwater could be heated by nuclear power.  Well I think it is actually a boiler in the basement but anyway.  Where do they put their nuclear waste? Let alone the political history and present.  I wonder if I will come back to New Zealand and think how lucky we are comparably?  Maybe it will make our colonial history more stark, maybe I will think more in a global context, maybe I will get cynical, more political? Maybe I will buy a huge SUV and fly an American flag on the front of it.  That probably won’t work seen as I am still freaked about driving…

That is about all I have the stamina and brains to write.  I have to go sew up a dress (just the hem) to wear to a wedding in the weekend.  The last wedding I went to was my own one at that was a whole four months ago!  I still haven’t got used to saying ‘husband’ actually I don’t think I ever will, I think I will forever say partner.  Maybe one day I will suddenly feel old enough and serious enough to say ‘husband’ and not giggle when someone refers to my boy as my husband.  HA HA HA.  husband!


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There is the car scene.  Waiting to leave.  Then; winding round roads hugged by hills and macracapa trees.  I know every turn – shall I tell you? No, I won’t.  But know that I know.  Stopping to gather arm fulls of ‘early cheer’ from the side of the road.  Today when I go to the dairy two weathered stalks are four ninety-five and I think back to then again, the armfuls, clear sap and smell… lemons and sweet jasmine.  I close my eyes and take in that scent, then and now, closer & time merges.  With armfulls, curling still around the roads (I’ve left parts out: the hot smell of blood from the meatworks at Horatu, the full brown river at Ngaruawahia, Waingaro hot pools, a steamy, sleepy, neon oasis).  The turn off up to Ruakiwi.  The ‘Maori’ block, the irony of that only apparent now; the cockatoos, peacocks, dinner plate mushrooms, the wildest bulls, stories abut a cave where a giant albino man lived.  The complex came before that, I forgot.  Afternoons of golf and rugby, nights of pinkybars and FANTA and games up and dow a grey smokey corridor, spilt beer and throaty laughing.  A left turn where the road changes to gravel.  Passing te little swamp with the baby Moses bull-rushes.  Then up and down, along, around, over, around and soon the two houses on the hill.  Out of the car and edging besides the hydrangea bushes.  Down the hill to the gate and then the Puriri trees, black and red berries, tall twisting trunks, Kureru, a hawk over the hill.  That is where my history starts.  It is where I am from.

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houses & cats

Right now I have a fish in my belly.  Probably a bit much actually because Mr Bear was out so I had to eat all the food I made myself.  So.  This is my new site.  I promise I won’t delete it.  Even if I read back on all my posts over the last and Really want to.  I won’t.  It is linked to another site I share with M Bear that is intended to be descriptive about what we’ve been doing, and hold pictures of us posing by American landmarks and frolicking with wildlife.  This one is mostly for writing in more detail, and reflecting on stuff more.  I decided to switch from blogspot because I am not skilled in making websites look nice and wordpress had themes I liked without the effort…

So today we found a house.  It will cost us a million dollars, well half of a million if I stop thinking in New Zealand dollars.  But it is nice to think we have a place to live once we emerge from the plane into the American air!  It has a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and A BATH!  It also has hotwater included in the rent so I’ll be able to bathe and shower all day.  I’ll be able to buy bath products!  The heat isn’t included but hopefully that will be okay… it does have built in heaters, but they are electric.  I won’t have a garden.  I think I might still be able to hear rain on the roof, we are on the third floor and if we got it right I think the apartment block only has three stories.  It could have five, but I’m wishing three.


This weekend I went home to visit Paeroa.  My cat has got a bit old, her face looks gremlinish and she has rasta hair.  I guess she is 105 now in cat years.  She probably wont be around when I get back.  She has had a pretty lovely life though I think, lots of fish (sea & gold…), cuddles.

What a fantastic start huh!  a story about a house, and a short one about a cat, inclusive of picture.  Houses and cats!  could it get better?

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