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I’ve been invaded by a Trojan Horse! Somehow it got into my computer. I don’t know what was in it or if they got out, but I think they wanted to take over. We think we got rid of it… who knows? Maybe the evil little trojan horse occupier is lurking around my pages. I like the idea of a wooden horse, and I would have been the first to let it in the gates, but we all know how that ended. Hopefully the story of my computer will be different… I still really need it to work.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY C! Today is my little brother’s big 20 day. Weird. I was five when he was born, I remember the day because I got a glofriend. I also remember being very very excited that he was a boy because I needed someone to beat up this girl at school who was nasty to me.  I think she said my haircut was ugly.  I have since learnt that I don’t need any boys to fight my battles and I am not entirely sure if I thought a baby would be able to do that, or if the grudge would hold for the length of time it would take him to learn to walk.  I think I got to be best friends with that girl before he was on solids.


Here is a photo of him. hmmmm. it sort of looks like an obituary but it isn’t! He is alive, and probably the most alive person you could meet. He is action and always on an adventure, which makes him very fun to be around. He broke his arm five times while on adventures, and always seemed to have a cast on one of his arms. In fact he has been in the air ambulance so often that they made him a spokesperson. He is also very smart and the top in some of his uni classess. He is pretty laid back, funny and artistic, and practical, and can hunt a bargain as good as Grandad.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


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I thought this video was interesting, although maybe having a video camera at polling booths might be a disincentive to vote, although not as much as standing in line in the rain for ages. I read some comments about this video – it was funny that people thought it was ‘liberal elitism’ or ‘whinging democrats’ when it isn’t about who you vote for but whether you have a chance to or not.

This week I’ll just write short, except for tomorrow ’cause I have to write a Birthday message to one of my my most loved people. It usually takes me ages to write stuff because I over- analyse it all, and then want to write another post because I didn’t like the last one. I’ll try and catch up on emailing instead…

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a salad to remember

Tonight we had an amazing dinner with a man and his partner who had helped us out with a table we struggled to carry to our house when we first arrived, our first and impressive introduction to the locals here. There were a couple of other people there too who were so lovely. I loved it! They were fantastic cooks, and really welcoming. The conversation was so interesting too, a lot about Poland, languages, and housing, and strangely Habermas (who incidentally is a guy I have used in my thesis, and who VISITED here and I didn’t even know!! I missed him. That is seriously upsetting, I can’t believe it. I just didn’t hear. He is a sort of icon in literature on ‘deliberative democracy’ , even if I don’t agree with all of what he says hearing him would have been better than any concert. Maybe he will come back…). Hey Mum, I made that Pumpkin Salad which they said was “the most interesting salad they had ever had in [their] lives”. That is a triumph I believe, interesting goes places. Hmm need to go to sleep. I spent a good part of the day internet searching my newly learned Danish history and I have internet-itis. I get enchanted finding out about my relatives, and the places they were from. I am a historical nerd.

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the last leaves


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Satay Kingdom dreaming…

I have graduated from scarf knitting up to baby hat knitting. I am a bit nervous about this because I can’t really make any mistakes – the wool is so fine and the needles a big change from my big fat sticks. I’ll get a bit more street cred it the group though. Maybe. Except I find I have to get my fingers in to get the needle through the wool sometimes, which doesn’t look that professional. I feel a bit sorry for the premature baby that is going to get my hat already! Look at these needles though, good enough to wear in your hair I believe! I feel very loved to be sent these in the mail, along with other exciting things, and another package a few days ago that included chocolate!


I had lunch at a cafe in town today; a bowl of chickpea soup made with half a cup of salt and hummus. I felt kind of sorry for the waiter, he was either totally strung out, or had the worst cold ever. I know it is a crappy underpaid job and really tiring, maybe he couldn’t get the day off. He seemed a bit disorientated. I have a sniffing phobia, actually a strong dislike of phlegm and this guy was going for it. The cafe is down under the ground sort of and the walls are the colour of sulfur, painted over a sort of bulbous plaster stuff, they really are. There was no music, just the sound of sick waiter. Arg. It was like being inside a runny nose. Lucky M. is immune to being put off food.

Do you know what I really feel like? A big greasy roti and a curry laksa. Actually even the curry fish from Satay Kingdom with some rice too. Or some fush and chups. I have to say that the food here is pretty pretty pretty average. I mean, optimism and burritos aside, we haven’t found a regular place to eat yet… in our price range. When are they going to invent extra speedy travel so I could drop out to Waihi Beach and eat some fish and chips on the beach and breath in some nice NZ air, I promise I’d bring some donuts.  We haven’t tried the Ethiopian place someone recommended yet, so maybe that will be our saviour.

We have been invited to dinner at table man’s house.  He wants us to bring a NZ dish… I’ll have to think hard about that one considering the good old ‘roast lamb and pavalova’ is off the menu for a diabetic and two vegetarians…

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