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We took a train up the coast for a bit more than an hour to the end of the line and arrived at Rockport, a seaside town at the edge of MA, overflowing with hundreds of thousands in summer, and a icy windswept ghost town in winter.  We had some fresh walks on the beach, and around the village streets, it is a really nice place.  We visited a cafe called ‘The Greenery’ twice, to get out of the abrasive wind, for tea and cake first, and then clam chowder and sandwiches. The wharf smelt salty and fishy and was littered with lobster pots and the sea was calm and inviting, if a bit frozen in parts. I can see why it would be popular in summer, the beaches are beautiful, and the town is very New England, quaint ice-cream shops and three old fashioned candy stores including a place that makes fudge! These were all closed up for the winter, but I’d love to go back in May when it is a bit warmer.






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The sea

I really feel like the beach. I have this photo on my wall and when I look at it I just want to be there, swimming, and smelling like the sea, salty and fresh.


The sun streaming in our windows all morning has made me feel like it could really be February.


You know the sort where you find any opportunity to swim, in rivers, lakes, harbours, oceans, cold, heavy, soft green clear swims in Taupo, big wave swims at Raglan, cosy swims in the Ohinemuri river contained by the walls of the gorge near my parents house, over the side of the fishing boat swims in Waihi, watch out for crab pincher ones on Buffalo beach, warm swims in Whanganui-a tara, impromptu undie swims in Walden Pond.

So tomorrow I am going to go the beach to smell the sea and look at the water. I can’t wait! It will be about minus something so I won’t swim, but it will be so nice to take a train, hear some seagulls and wander around a sleepy fishing town.

The last picture in there is a copy of a best book, the snow goose, I found for 99c at the ‘goodwill’ store, along with an old-fashioned lamp, a summer top with roses on it, and three pyrex bowls. It is lucky we are driving up to Toronto to store our stuff or I’d have to leave my clothes behind and come home with a suitcase full of books and folksy American homeware!

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getting the guttery on me

We always walk to the grocery store and trundle home with our food laden in backpacks and hand held bags. Today we had to traverse giant puddles and ice to get there, and on the way home some truckin’ smarm hole drove their car through a puddle near the sidewalk and saturated me in stink water. Mark thinks it was maybe an accident, but I think that is lies because they had plenty of room and were the only car so could see us walking from ages back on the long straight road by the river. I lost my cool (hah! cool?), in a yelling-what-I-thought-angry kind of way as they hurtled off into the distance, which I haven’t ever done for as long as I can remember. I’ve heard screaming from a mountain is some kind of therapy, and screaming at that giant, giant car that left me drenched and dripping in guttery, felt pretty good too.

My Yogi tea advice today says “to be calm is the highest achievement of the self”, which is a good way to be, and one of the nicest ones I have got, but feeling enraged for a bit is kind of invigorating. Before that happened I was feeling really happy because I had decided to buy myself a bunch of daisies and lillies. They had little pots of bluebells for sale but my tulips didn’t fare so well in our heated apartment so I thought I would go with the flowers. They’re so nice, I’ll be happy about them all week. I really love the green chrysanthemums, and there is even a stem of snapdragon in there. I remember getting clutches of snapdragon seeds from my aunty and growing them at home amongst ‘busy lizzie’ plants I’d put in water till they grew roots. Snap dragons were my favourites for a long time because I think my Nana showed me you can put your thumb under the flower head and your finger into the top part and make them talk like puppets. You can see them there in the top right-hand corner taking away the guttery.


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The smell of blue cheese and of lanolin remind me of the woolshed and jumping off the big oily sheepy stage into a pile of newly shorn wool. I bought some massage oil the other day that has lanolin in the ingredient list. Amazingly, the company tells me that they call this popular blend “Aura Glow” because it has actually been shown to brighten the physical aura. Which is of course why I brought it, my aura had been feeling a little droopy, crumbly even.

Heeee. Anyway I chose ‘unscented’ and though I’ve added lavender oil, the sheep is overwhelming. Sheep is a nostalgic smell, though a little ew, because lanolin is secreted from the sebaceous glands of a sheep. So it is like rubbing your body in sheep sweat.  I’m thinking I’ll buy a bottle of oil that is a little less ‘rustic’ and more sensual, maybe jasmine, or geranium.

For a little bit I thought about what it would be like if somehow the lanolin stimulated my pores to sprout wool… how interesting, and lucrative. After looking for some wool on Saturday I got to thinking that my wool leaping habits of the past were akin to swimming in gold. I have something else to add to my list of things to stock up on when I go home.

Speaking of wool, fleece of the goat kind (my favourite) has got political. Evidently in Poland mohair berets have become a symbol of bigotry! Why couldn’t it be polyester techno coloured beanies, or pointy toe shoes, or something else I don’t like?

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Baby Hope


The happy news is official now. I’ve been obsessively email checking all day. Some very good friends had their first baby, a little girl with a beautiful name :).  She has been looking forward to having a baby for so long and now she has arrived! How exciting, is there anything more happy than a new person?

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in the sun


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Knitten mittens

I went knitting crazy last night and stitched so long that I couldn’t stop in my sleep and spent the whole night dreaming I was knitting a jersey. After a few more hours today I finished my first mitten! It looks a little different to when I first started out because I decided the other one wasn’t that inspiring to stitch or to look at so I pulled them all undone. I have a new rule to never knit on anything less than size 3 needles, size one is really not good, I am way too impatient. I cast on 44 stitches for these and used size 5 double point needles and increased to 47 after the cuff and made up the pattern as I went along, which is why the hearts look a little ovary womb like. My hand looks giant in this picture, oui?


They are all fluffy inside too from carrying the mohair around which makes them nice and warm. Only one more to go, though conveniently this is a left mitten, and my remaining Lithuania mitten is right so I can just wear mismatched ones for a while. So, aside from looking for Canada jobs and thinking about what I could work as all day today, we had a sparkling weekend (edit: I can’t believe I wrote ‘sparkling weekend’ I sound like an advertisement for a getaway in Martinborough, or worse, a stepford wife, I’ll pretend I was influenced by the sun on the icicles down there)  with new friends around for dinner on Friday night, and some warm, sunny, spring type weather on Saturday.

p.s there is something real happy and exciting happening right now! But I’ll say what that is tomorrow, when it is all done…

oooooooohhh! icicles in the sun


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