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A while ago the US government was nice enough to rebate Mark’s tax instead of spending it on Blessing God’s America, Not Leaving Children Behind, or Fighting Terror which led to us deciding to spend it on a few days being tourists and singing copa co! copacabana.¬† Unfortunately we miscalculated the security at Boston airport and managed to arrive at the boarding lounge five minutes after our plane took off for the south of the US, which put us six hours behind in our trip to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

We made up lost time swimming extra amounts, and bird, lizard, fish, and really tanned people watching. We did the stingray shuffle, swam, and sat and drank home made pineapple and tequila cocktails in cabanas which meant I had copacabana stuck in my head the whole time; Music and passion were always the fashion…






Mansions & Giant Trespassing Heron


Sand and water



At the copa co! copacobana…


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Today I have been trying to end my thesis with a good ending, one that “draws the reader back out of the thesis into real life with new perspective”, which sounds so nice doesn’t it? I want that for me too. I should get inspired to do this. I am not inspired.

There are two things that have inspired me lately:

1. parkour or free running, (and video here), people who move fluidly across a landscape doing things I never thought possible. So far I’ve seen only men on youtube, which provides an opening for someone like me, though as I can only just do a full press-up I have a way to go before leaping buildings in a single bound;

2. my ripped jamies. I put a hole in them while I was putting them on the other night and they are made of such nice soft cotton I decided to make them into a hand- sewn quilt, which may or may not be the same as making a quilt out of old undies, and for sure the best thing to start when you have two weeks to finish a thesis in a way that means it is ended and not asked to be re-written.

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We’ve had thunderstorms yesterday and today, with lightning and rattling crashes. At three o’clock today the sky got so dark the street lamps came on.


Approaching storm 

It was very exciting. It made me think of my cosy bed, and this:

“when one is sad, it is lovely to lie in the warmth of one’s bed and there, with all effort and struggle at an end, even perhaps with one’s head under the blankets, surrender completely to wailing, like branches in the autumn wind” (Alain de Botton says Proust said this about his bed, which he made into his office because he liked it so much).

I’m not sad. I am happy. I was just thinking about the first part really. The good thing about still studying is that I can go and get into my bed during a thunderstorm. It is pretty much luxury really.

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Mango yellow

I like gathering infatuations. Last week was all about yellow. I found a yellow handbag in the op-shop that inspired me to fix my yellow rose brooch and to wear my yellow ring with the yellow stone in and eat many mangoes. They’ve arrived from Mexico, and are only fifty cents at the markets near Ernesto’s of the two giant pizza slices for three dollars. I should ring my sister and tell her to hear how jealous she is, she’ll probably answer from her tent under the feijoa trees.


There is a kind here I hadn’t had before, shaped more like a kidney bean, and more creamy and less stringy. You can eat right down to the stone and not end up like a swamp monster with dangling reeds dripping from your teeth. Peeled, I think they look like a giant fleshy yellow heart. Which makes me like eating them more.

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More-pork, More-pork


This is Morepork: at home on books and in trees. He is my latest knit, inspired by this one and some musty wool that was too scratchy for real clothes. The colours really suit him I think. He’s not finished yet and has to get some feet, a wing, and also some stitching to save his innards from falling around the place. His wing was fun to knit, though after trying out one wing I have some ideas to make the other side better. So he might be a bit lop-sided. It is probably realistic to have a little variation anyhow, like how people have one foot bigger than the other sometimes.




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