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In the woods

Warm summer June has got me mixed up and most of the time I have no idea what month it is. My default is August. I have that August feeling, which I think is sort of negligible, rather than the summer end of year and start of new, or the June bunked down for winter and still enjoying wearing my winter clothes that were in hibernation for summer. I did know it was June when I had my first northern hemisphere birthday though, swimming and walking in the woods.

I saw a snake. It was obsidian black with a white strip running vertically down its back. It was sunning itself on the road and slithered into the grass when I stepped near. It was quite beautiful and fluid the way it seemed to course through the air to get away from my feet. There were a lot of chipmunks, large mouse size and so quick, though I managed to photo these two who looked like they were playing hide and seek but pounced on each other a few seconds later and tumbled around, battling.

Mark got an eight- legged tick on the back of his calf muscle. It kind of put a damper on our swim as the people who helped us burn it off (wrong thing to do evidently, burning a tick off can cause it to vomit into your body and that is bad…), were like “you have three days to get to a doctor to prevent Lyme disease”. We’d read a few signs before going into the woods, about how you had to watch out for ticks because of Lyme disease so we were a bit freaked by that, plus it looked so horrible with its head buried in his leg and clinging on like a sucker fish. The Park Ranger who came by said to watch out for a bulls-eye rash, and yes ma’am-ed me in curious military style. Anyway it turned out the tick had to be on for at least twelve hours for Lyme disease, plus it was a dog tick, not a deer tick which is more likely to carry Lyme and is as small as a grain of sand and burrows into your groin or armpit. Um, how freaking gross.

Long-live New Zealand’s greeblie free bush.


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nearly there…

Early morning light is very pretty I think. I usually miss it, but this morning Mark had his graduation which started at 7am. They had a restricted ticket part to start, but I’ll go back over there soon to watch him walk across the stage and get his degree.


This time next week we’ll be getting ready to come home.  I have a perpetually rotating image of myself lying on my parents couch with no more thesis or anything left to think about.  I really can’t wait. Really really.

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