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This is my bike. It looks like a strawberry, with green handlebars and a red body. I bought it off of our distant neighbours for forty bucks.  It clunks when I go over a bump but goes quite fast – Don’t worry Dad, I have a helmet even though you don’t have to wear one here, and also a light, actually two lights. I’m riding it to the concert tonight, right after I go and eat my first ever attempt at a salmon pizza. It looks freaking delicious and I have a huge bunch of rocket from the vege market to eat with it. Holy ta-moly, I think it will be heaven.


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A month here already

Two am last night was about when I remembered why I don’t drink coffee and especially not glasses of iced coffee, or play Legends of Zelda (wind waker) to the point I feel seasick. I have been very busy though, not just meeting friend one and two for coffee, or playing video games. I’ve applied for lots of jobs, and joined a temping agency (well I joined, though they haven’t acknowledged my joining yet), worked on some papers…and look! I made a diary.


The diary was actually mostly made, I just had to buy it from a yard sale and draw the calender inserts. In the little pocket is a list of things I’d like to do, including improve my cooking. We got out a huge volume called South East Asian Food which has got me excited about cooking and gives us a good excuse to keep wandering down to Kensington markets – though the big basil plant there in the picture is from the farmer’s market in the park near us.


A pestle and mortar is on my list of things to buy when I get a job, which I also need (the job I mean, though I guess with a pestle and mortar I could sell curry pastes and pesto in a stall) so we can fund our band attendance. On Tuesday we are off to see Iron and Wine!

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Hello, how are you? Since I last posted I achieved one of my things on my list – see Niagara Falls. It was not all that difficult to achieve, not like climbing a mountain or anything, and actually was the second best thing about my day, which was surprising and also shows you can’t plan what will happen and it is sometimes not what you expect that makes you happy. Our bus to Niagara Falls was one of those waspy yellow and black ones, like on the Magic School Bus. It rained and rained and we got very wet and saw the water falling, surrounded by casinos and Ferris Wheels and high hotels.


Here it is…over the edge and down, down, down. The best part. Quite mesmerizing – with very low barriers to increase the enchantment and the risk of the mass of water plunging over.


But you know what? We walked around the base of the-mount during that big storm in the North Island in New Zealand. Waves were crashing and spraying up on us, huge thunderous dangerous waves, and the wind was so strong it made it hard to walk and that really was more exciting than standing with the throngs of people at the falls. It was really cool and I was happy and didn’t say that to anyone, but for true, I just couldn’t get that feeling of wonder, or amazement at the scale of nature which I think is what you’re supposed to get. Part of me thinks this is a bit of authentic experience snobbery and a repulsion at over-commercialisation which is also kind of snobby – like tourists who don’t like tourists, and part of me thinks I probably needed to get in down behind the waterfall or something, or into a barrel or a zorb, or maybe do a niagara bungy – heh.

Driving home I saw a fox in the woods. He or she was orange with quite long legs and a surprise and the best.

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mint and cherry-orange red


Cuttings of mint and moss snatched on our night-time walk home from the Italian Fiesta last weekend, and a ball of wool dyed with cherry and orange.

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Today is another smog warning day in Toronto. Having never lived in a big city before, it is a pretty gross thing to have to get used to – it smells nasty, looks bad, and makes you cough and get wheezy. Luckily we are at the end of the smog season – it is the hot sun heating up the pollution and turning it to ozone. In winter there is just pollution – so whew… Seeing an orang- grey haze over the city brings home how real pollution is and how far there is to go to reduce greenhouse gases in a place like North America- and it makes the pamphlet we were handed by the Toronto Transit Commission while getting onto the subway even more ridiculous:

A decade of underfunding has created a financial crisis for the TTC and the City. While other world cities thrive, Toronto’s reserves are empty and it is struggling to pay for services. We can’t afford to invest in transit or other programmes.”

A pamphlet which installs a lot of confidence in the way that Toronto is addressing climate change and generally the management of the city. So far the ’empty reserves’ have resulted in a freeze on government employment, cuts to public library hours, and it looks like streetcar and buses are next. Surely there are better ways to deal with the problem than cut foundational public services?

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what percent are you?

Big peach flower brooches are 98 percent fun…


as are lime green coloured/scented skeins of alpaca wool.  Job hunting is 0% fun but really a necessity.


Gold Lamè Pin-up Graffiti Girl is 100 percent fun.


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Because it was Mark’s birthday and Labour Day we had some people around in the afternoon and ate hot-dogs and spring rolls. We also drank 0.5% beer because they don’t sell beer at supermarkets unless it has no alcohol, and all the beer shops were closed. Beer stores only sell beer (there is another store for wine) and are set up like MacDonalds in that you go to the counter and look at a menu and they bring the beer out to you.

In the morning we went along to the Labour Day parade. It took over two hours for all the unions with their bands and floats to pass by and there were a lot of people out watching or walking along beside the parade to the park where it ended with a fair with rides and things. All in all it was a good day, especially the part with the cake.



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