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What to do while hunting jobs


Borrow books, buy chunks of colourful paint, collect nautical buttons, try new fruits (mangosteen).


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bikes and figs

We spent yesterday afternoon in the shade of a fig tree, drinking sweet red home-made wine and eating ripe figs. Our friend Jane needed a bike so we took her back to the people we got our bikes off and she decided on a nice white one, and I resisted pressure to trade up for a brown raleigh . The peddle was a bit funny on Jane’s bike so it needed to be fixed, first with spanners and hammers and then with an impressive big blow torch. So while ‘Marco’ and the bike fixer-upper did things with tools, Jane and I sat with his wife eating, drinking and going through the family photo albums, so we could see how beautiful and skinny-skinny she was when she was young.

When we finally wobbled out of the backyard and onto our bikes a few hours later we promised that we’d go back to learn Italian and to bring our single New Zealand friend for her to see if she was suitable to meet her nephew who needed a wife.



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