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old man winter

Winter has been following us closely over the last year or so.


This morning I trudged through the snow to work because riding my bike was too dangerous and the street-cars were packed and only come about every half hour on a normal day. Police cars went up and down the roads with their lights flashing and their sirens going – I’m not sure if that was to stop accidents or to get to ones that had happened because an accident a minute was called into the police this morning.


I’ve always wanted to use garlic stalks for something, and now I’ve found a use other than as potential vampire repellents – creature eyes.



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Yellow and green

I’ve had the last couple of days as holidays before I start my new job on Monday. Sleeping in, going for a walk to look at the leaves and making minestrone soup for lunch is more fun when you know you’re not going to be able to do that on a Thursday for the next year.



On a less calm note, I spent the last three hours knitting a hat from a pattern I tried to memorize from a book I saw in a store. The hat was pretty but the rest of the patterns were for sacks so I just studied the numbers and made word associations to try to remember how it went. The hat came out big enough for a life sized Blythe doll which could be a result of mixing up the numbers and improvising with needle sizes. I get three points for effort and ten points for undoing it all to start again instead of turning it into a soccer ball warmer.




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getting snug

Winter, though long and deathly cold in North America, is also kind of exciting. The weather can get so extreme that you have to do things like buy gumboots to walk through snowy slush, and big thick jackets stuffed with down. There is nothing more snugly than bringing out the winter sheets, mmm fluffy flannel…


A photo of my new flannel sheets. Pretty much a photo of our washing and the nice sky

I haven’t been so good with sending out group emails lately, but I’ve got a full-time all the time job (the one I have now is causal contract work). Two even!  The weekend was full of lists and thinking about what to do and finally coming to a decision, albeit with a few choices still to make. It is exciting to be starting something new!

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I hunted for a long time for some wool to use to make a jersey from a pattern book I got in New Zealand and found this mohair online  for only $2 a ball – an unlimited supply but only in Geranium. I swing between planning to dye it a red colour and thinking I’ll try it in pink for a while, like my glo-friend.  I am the slowest knitter in the universe though and should really just plan to finish it.



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getting to work

The first flurry of snow arrived this morning but didn’t stick around. It has got much colder but I can still ride my bike, and so every morning I join a declining line of bikers peddling to work. Um it is my favourite part of the day, especially turning onto the main street to join the procession of bikes. I start off slow up the street and get faster as I wake up and have people in front of me to catch up to. I love the momentum of the leaves swirling along the road so that the road feels like it is moving and I love riding through the ones that are still being swept down off the trees. There is a woman who sometimes rides a giant yellow tricycle who makes me feel like I am in an surreal french movie and a man with flags all over his bike warning cars from getting to close who likes to waggle his finger at cheeky cars and sometimes bangs on the roof of ones that appear to be trying to turn across without watching out for the bikes. When I have been behind this man I’ve felt like I am on a walking school bus with the teacher leading the way. I am a bell ringer. I ring my bell at any car that looks like it might be coming onto the road out of a park, and any person sitting in their car that might open their door to hit me. When I ride with Mark we ring our bells for fun – I think I’ll take the bell off my bike when I leave as a souvenir. It is cool. I was thinking I might need to walk to work tomorrow, it is getting down below zero in the mornings but I think I’ll see how long my face can take the cold wind, or until the roads get icy.

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