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A fresh year

Our holiday to Montreal was a beautiful start to 2008. I got time to write letters and postcards on the train trip there (we’ll see how long it takes me to actually mail them),  while watching the expanse of snowy fields with lonely houses speed by outside the window.


It is nice to start the year with firsts – I saw my first ever woodpecker, cross-country skied for the first time (which resulted in face-first crashes into snow, tangled skis and limbs as soon as we worked out how to get them on our feet), and was the coldest I have ever been in my life (-24).


I also ate at my first french restaurant. So I have a nice holiday to remember as I wake up three hours earlier than usual to start back at work!


I have lots of good plans and hopes for this year and am going to try to fit them in around working and organising the last stages of my thesis. I’ve written them all down in a list with little tick boxes because I just like doing things like that. I’ll have to look back at the list I made at new year last year…


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