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This Lion here feels that winter is about as fun as a poke in the eye with an icicle. He also hates his snowy fringe (or bangs as the ‘mericans say) and wishes someone would brush him off.


It had been deadly cold and the snow keeps coming. I still stop to see the shapes of the snowflakes on my scarf when I am outside and I enjoy walking to work and saying ‘hi’ to the people out and about early in the morning, especially the old Irish punk with his cane and grey dog.


I am thinking about being warm though, and the colours that come back in summer. Winter is all white, grey, and black. Yellow is the colour of the month inside. YELLOW! It makes going to the Goodwill store easier if you just search for a colour. Here is my new yellow top, and the start of a yellow quilt for our bed. I wanted a quilt that I wouldn’t have to sew up much but could spend lots of time decorating and quilting – I love these ones.



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