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The view from the islands

Washing on the line;


Swans and icicles;


A man paddling out to ‘sea’ in the cold;


Retreating snow;


Smooth glass and crockery collected from the beach;


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big boots

There is no sign of spring, the snow and ice are still packed high and the trees are still black silhouettes. The chipmunks are still asleep, under the ground I think. I saw a display at the science museum, in Boston, and showed all these little creatures sleeping in burrows under the ground. The way I remember it, which is quite likely embellished, there were snakes and frogs and all sorts of things buried under the ground like bulbs waiting for spring. Quite scary when you see how deep the ice and snow are in the park. How do they breathe in winter? I can see how winter was seen as the grand death in the olden days.


February is over though, with its extra (un-paid) day. I’m HAPPY to see March and to start thinking about seeds to buy for the window box and to remember how trees have green leaves and to start to anticipate things coming alive again, skinny and skulking out of their hiding places. Soon, I won’t need these boots.


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