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These are my favourite photos from our trip to Ottawa last week. I had to do a presentation for work so we decided to go for a few days and look around at the capital city. A highlight was walking across a bridge from the province of Ontario to Quebec, and an unplanned tour of Indian mystic buffets. It rained almost the whole time we were there, until we got on the train to go home. I spent the train rides reading a fantastic book and watching out the window at the beautiful fields and forests with snow. Last week also marked the first consistently warm temperatures and the dusting off of my bike. SPRING!

The rear window of the train home

I haven’t been making much lately. Though, for Christmas this year I got a kit for making sock creatures. I’ve made two – here is one inspired by My Neighbour Totoro and a lonely bedsock whose other half is probably under a bed or couch in one of the many places I stayed during our visit back home.


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