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I should have thought a bit harder about this posting everyday thing. It is almost dark and I’ve just go home and haven’t thought to take any photos of my neighbourhood. I went to listen to a rally about uranium mining in First Nations communities. Some of the elders and leaders from the communities were put in jail for peacefully protesting uranium mining on their land, which is polluting their water with things that cause cancer, like Cadmium (like on Erin Brokivich). There is an old law in Ontario that allows any company to mine land, regardless of who owns it – you own the land on top but nothing underneath the surface. It can affect any land owner, but is especially impacting on First Nations communities that live on land with uranium deposits.

Thunder is rolling in now – it is hot and muggy and has been heading for rain all day. I don’t have time to go out and photo anything so here is a dark thunder-lit photo of my new paints and some pictures from my day in the park yesterday.


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This was my favourite guy at the Blue Jays game last Tuesday.  He’s Stewart.

Last night we went with Eddie and Ed to watch Liam Finn and EJ someone play at El Mocambo, which I had walked past a few times and always imagined to be a biker bar, which it may have been.   There were not many people there.  Maybe fifty?  Maybe less.  Liam and EJ were both very exciting to watch – it was their last night of their tour and Liam made me think of a rock and roll castaway with a lot of energy and a felt hat, and EJ was very beautiful and good at using the loop machine, which probably has a more technical name that I don’t know.  At the end Liam ripped the microphone out of the plug, accidentally, and it was a wonderful finish.

I spent today in Kensington Markets buying vegetables and cheese, and the afternoon with Mark in the Park — reading books and trying out my new paints and getting a tiny bit sunburned.  I planted hummingbird attracting plants in my window box, which is growing pretty well so far, and then caught up on sleep on the fold out couch with the doors open and a nice spring breeze.

I am going to post everyday this week.  I thought I’d post some photos of things around my neighbourhood.

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