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Watermelons, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and mojitos during a heatwave made my second summertime birthday.  Walking back from the restaurant on the corner of our street that night, there was a downpour with thunder & lightening and a hot pavement smell.  I like the alignment of months and seasons much better here than the southern hemisphere!

One of my strawberry plants has a flower… now I just have to keep the pigeons away from it.


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I got an ugly haircut from an awkwardly silent, overpriced, rock and roll hair-cutter with a greasy mullet this week. I tried to fix it up myself with some sewing scissors and a razor. I’ve got a lot of nice hair-ties and it is hot enough to want to wear your hair up all the time.

It is really hot and humid this weekend. We got sent home from work early on Friday because the air-conditioning was broken and people were sweating all over their work. I wish the pools were open but they don’t fill them with water until school ends, which is the end of June. The kids downstairs have a paddling pool under some trees – if only the lake wasn’t polluted! It probably isn’t even that bad. I’ve heard all the public pools around the place stay open until midnight when there is a heatwave or humidindex warning.

Look at my plants – there are strawberries in there as well now. I felt happy about my little garden this week – there are lots of bugs in there and spider webs.

We went to a church fair this morning. I got a box of buttons and some hankies, the buttons are making me feel like sewing something. I’ve picked out my favourites in the picture below. I’m thinking I’ll make the big brown one on the right into a hair-tie, to enhance my aforementioned hair.

I have no idea what I am going to do with these hankies, except not put boogas on them. These are from a couple of church fairs. I think they’re very pretty, especially the one on the far right and the yellow flowers one. Maybe I’ll collect enough to make into a big quilt one day. I guess they could be too delicate.

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