This Lion here feels that winter is about as fun as a poke in the eye with an icicle. He also hates his snowy fringe (or bangs as the ‘mericans say) and wishes someone would brush him off.


It had been deadly cold and the snow keeps coming. I still stop to see the shapes of the snowflakes on my scarf when I am outside and I enjoy walking to work and saying ‘hi’ to the people out and about early in the morning, especially the old Irish punk with his cane and grey dog.


I am thinking about being warm though, and the colours that come back in summer. Winter is all white, grey, and black. Yellow is the colour of the month inside. YELLOW! It makes going to the Goodwill store easier if you just search for a colour. Here is my new yellow top, and the start of a yellow quilt for our bed. I wanted a quilt that I wouldn’t have to sew up much but could spend lots of time decorating and quilting – I love these ones.



A fresh year

Our holiday to Montreal was a beautiful start to 2008. I got time to write letters and postcards on the train trip there (we’ll see how long it takes me to actually mail them),  while watching the expanse of snowy fields with lonely houses speed by outside the window.


It is nice to start the year with firsts – I saw my first ever woodpecker, cross-country skied for the first time (which resulted in face-first crashes into snow, tangled skis and limbs as soon as we worked out how to get them on our feet), and was the coldest I have ever been in my life (-24).


I also ate at my first french restaurant. So I have a nice holiday to remember as I wake up three hours earlier than usual to start back at work!


I have lots of good plans and hopes for this year and am going to try to fit them in around working and organising the last stages of my thesis. I’ve written them all down in a list with little tick boxes because I just like doing things like that. I’ll have to look back at the list I made at new year last year…

Winter Storm

We had a snow storm today, with thunder and lightening and winds blowing huge flakes around. I spent the morning lying in bed watching it all fall outside our window, lunch time building a snow cave and pouring boiling maple syrup onto the snow to eat, and the afternoon flying down the big basin in the park using a plastic bag, and sometimes Mark’s back. I have some big snow boots now so my feet were toasty warm. I got icicle dreads in my hair, and a face full of snow, but tobogganing is so fun! The photos are a bit fuzzy but you can see how much snow there was outside our bedroom door.


We have our tree up now too. It is a little bit of a Charlie Brown one, but smells lovely and Christmasy.


I think (touch wood) we might have a white Christmas!


Greetings from Canada


It snows (or flurries really) almost everyday.  On Sunday tiny round balls were mixed with rods of snow – I haven’t worked out where they fit on this snow guide:


U. Nakaya, Snow Crystals: Natural and Artificial (Harvard University Press, 1954).

Some make better snowballs than others.







old man winter

Winter has been following us closely over the last year or so.


This morning I trudged through the snow to work because riding my bike was too dangerous and the street-cars were packed and only come about every half hour on a normal day. Police cars went up and down the roads with their lights flashing and their sirens going – I’m not sure if that was to stop accidents or to get to ones that had happened because an accident a minute was called into the police this morning.


I’ve always wanted to use garlic stalks for something, and now I’ve found a use other than as potential vampire repellents – creature eyes.


Yellow and green

I’ve had the last couple of days as holidays before I start my new job on Monday. Sleeping in, going for a walk to look at the leaves and making minestrone soup for lunch is more fun when you know you’re not going to be able to do that on a Thursday for the next year.



On a less calm note, I spent the last three hours knitting a hat from a pattern I tried to memorize from a book I saw in a store. The hat was pretty but the rest of the patterns were for sacks so I just studied the numbers and made word associations to try to remember how it went. The hat came out big enough for a life sized Blythe doll which could be a result of mixing up the numbers and improvising with needle sizes. I get three points for effort and ten points for undoing it all to start again instead of turning it into a soccer ball warmer.